Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remedies to fight muscle pain.

     Does it make sense to exercise when your muscles ache? Don't confuse your ailments - muscle pain isn't like a side stitch. It's a product of doing muscle contractions that your body is not adjusted to. Through overuse, the muscle fibers are damaged and tiny tears appear, which is what causes the pain. If you continue to train, it can lead to injury and technical deterioration, so take a break until the pain passes.
    During exercise like running, cycling, and etc., we feel our muscle aching after we finish or during the training. Muscle pain is a normal experience in which this could be blamed on a couple of reasons. Muscle pain can be due to overstretching the muscles or for some people, just because an advanced age. The muscle adjusts to the extended movement by causing microscopic tears in the tiny fibers of the ligaments and tendons. This is a natural response, but it requires that you give the muscles time to recover before the next session.

      I want to share the six methods on how to fight pain after a strong training session.

1. Analgesics -  Fast-acting medications are exaggerated and unnecessary, a simple painkiller works fine to allow your muscles to move without hurting. Your blood circulation will also improve. and that speeds up recovery. You can also take a magnesium supplement to relieve the tension in your muscles.

2. Sports balms - They encourage blood circulation and rubbing them on can work as lymph drainage. Fluid buildup in muscle tissues are removed and the swelling goes down. When using sports balms, always massage toward your heart, not toward your extremities, to promote circulation.

3. Baths - Get into the hot tub! It cranks up the blood circulation in your muscles. A sauna session has the same effect, and a cold bath works like an analgesic to soothe the nerves and ensure even movements. It's up to you which quick fix you need.

4.  Sports - Exercise will help, as long as you don't go all out. When you work out, the stress hormones in your blood can ease the pain and aid on overall recovery.

5. Do nothing - This is also a good choice. As a rule, muscle pain should only last about three days and shouldn't cause any permanent damage. Overcoming muscle pain protects you for a few weeks against more muscle soreness.

6. Massage - Muscle pain is caused by tiny tears in the muscle tissue, so kneading it will cause more damage. It's better to gently stroke the sore area instead.

    Just a tip, make regular exercise can help restore proper muscle tone and extend your endurance for muscle pain.


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